Urban Forestry Toolkit

The U.S. Forest Service Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Urban Forestry in Your Community

Urban Forestry Toolkit

Urban forests are forests for people

They provide real, measurable benefits to your residents and your neighborhoods.  Dozens, even hundreds, of communities have developed plans to grow their urban forests, and harvest this suite of benefits. We’ve charted their experience to create this comprehensive collection of tools, resources, and guideposts.

Like them, you’ll need to find the pathway which best suits your community — the one that addresses your own goals, excites your leadership, engages your residents, and helps enlist your peers.

The destination is a vibrant urban forest that enriches your city for generations.

Philadelphia is a national leader in greening cities

The Vibrant Cities Lab Urban Forestry Toolkit is adapted from Michael Leff, The Sustainable Urban Forest: A Step-by-Step Approach. U.S. Forest Service and Davey Institute, 2016.

Urban Forestry Toolkit

Community Assessment & Goal Setting

Measure your community’s program against best practices.

Tool Library

A curated index of digital tools, apps, and calculators for urban forestry.

Urban Forestry Funding Action Guide

We can’t guarantee that by reading this guide you’ll see grants pouring in. Things like that simply don’t happen. Fundraising is a complicated task – one that blends careful research, solid reputation and deep relationships. This guide will get you started, and help you across the finish line.

Need Inspiration?

See how other communities are successfully using green infrastructure to improve health, transportation, water quality, jobs, and safety.

Urban Forestry Toolkit