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This study examines the association of urban residential tree canopy cover with perceived stress in a cohort of pregnant women in Philadelphia, PA, and explore whether this association differed among participants with a history of anxiety and depression. Highlights found: Residential tree canopy cover is associated with lower prenatal stress among women with anxiety or depression; 100 m buffers are more sensitive than 500 m in detecting stress-greenness associations and, evaluating stress-greenness associations should take into account mental health history.

Keywords: tree canopy, human health, mental health, urban tree canopy, stress reduction, perinatal, greenness

Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, Eugenia South, Megan M.Shannon, Clare McCarthy, Zachary F.Meiselad, Michal A.Elovitz, and Heather H.Burris, University of Pennsylvania.

(2021). Urban residential tree canopy and perceived stress among pregnant women. Environmental Research, 201.

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