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Poplar tree improvement strategies are needed to enhance ecosystem services’ provisioning and achieve phytoremediation objectives. This research evaluated the establishment potential of new poplar clones developed at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) from sixteen phytoremediation buffer systems (phyto buffers). Differences in clone groups, phyto buffers, and their interactions for survival, health, height, diameter, and volume from ages one to four years were tested.

Keywords: tree improvement, ecosystem services, phytoremediation, poplar clones, phyto buffers

Andrej Pilipović, Ronald S. Jr. Zalesny, Elizabeth R. Rogers, Bernard G. McMahon, Neil D. Nelson, Joel G. Burken, Richard A. Hallett, Chung-Ho Lin

2021. Forests, 12, 474.

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